Hi, I am Zachary Tabler

software dev

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What I've Learned

Front End

HTML • CSS • JavaScript • JSON • React • REST APIs • Responsive Design / Mobile

Back End

Java • Spring • Thymeleaf • MVC • Relational Databases • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Additional Skills

Agile Methodology (Scrum) • TDD • Source Control / GitHub

My Work

Who I Am

Dynamic Software Developer based out of Columbus, Ohio

I am a recent Java boot camp graduate at We Can Code It in Columbus, Ohio. I am optimistic my time at We Can Code will allow me to make a career transition into software development. Prior to We Can Code It, I spent the last 15 years as a sales agent and sales executive for two of the largest personal lines insurance companies in the United States.

I've had a lot of success in insurance, but I am now ready to pursue new endeavors.

As a new software developer, I'd love to grow my knowledge base! I'd be open to learning about any lectures, study sessions, courses, or katas you would recommend to a new learner. if you click the "Code with Zach" logo in the left corner of this page, it will give you direct access to my calendar. Let's connect!"

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Jackr Trekr homepage Space KIDet homepage Healthy Response homepage